Christmas Cake

3 RealTaiji Gifts For You (and 1 for Me)

Christmas Cake

If you're reading this, thanks. I appreciate your presence at

Here's a few gifts I'd like you to have.

1.) The first free gift is Reviving Taiji.

If you don't have it yet, please download Reviving Taiji. By now, it's through the second chapter. It's a free, and it's a gift for everyone.

(If you feel like giving a gift in return, simply spread the word about Reviving Taiji...that's my favorite gift this season.)

Next, I want you to know that in January, RealTaiji will present more learning opportunities. The details are coming soon. The general idea: a comprehensive Taiji Course becomes available mid-January. It will include extensive video lessons, live support, and a network of Taiji experts.

2.) Here's the Next Gift...

The RealTaiji Affiliate Platform.

You will earn money simply by spreading Real Taijiquan lessons. It's currently set up to dole out 15% for the 1st deals and 5% more for second tier.

Sign up for the program here.

(Note: there's not much to sell right now, except private consultations. In 2010, watch for a Old Yang Taiji Course, some easy videos, and Reviving Taiji Comprehensive.)

3.) Your third RealTaiji Gift...

You get a great discount on my Taiji Consulting Services.

I've recently released on-line consulting services for $75 per consultation. Consulting is a great way to get personal, refined lessons in your martial art or healing art, from me.

Until December 30, purchase Consultations for 55 dollars or $135 for 3.

Get some consulting.

1.) Whisper what I'll bring to you...

I'll tell you if I can...

I want to know what you really want. What can I bring for you in 2010?

  • What could I be focusing on that will help you?
  • What is missing here?
  • What do you expect when you visit?

Please leave your wishes in comments or contact me directly.

Thanks for your support.

Merry Christmas,

Steven Smith

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