Shake the Dust Off Politics and Kindness


I'll admit it now: I've avoided telling you about something I'm passionate about.

I figured that RealTaiji was not the place for it. I was wrong: it is the perfect place for it. I'm certain because I feel as if I cheated with my silence. I cheated because I feared that you'd run away from here, that you'd disagree and flee.

Politics is in integral part of Taiji. The definitions of the term are vague, but in a world of kindness we might simply consider it sharing. In a world of treachery: hoarding. But sharing or hoarding of what? Anything really...usually we think of how money or wealth gets distributed, but information or martial arts experience might be an important, valuable part of that wealth and the distribution of it.

Modern Politics Reveal Martial Tendencies

Like it or loathe it. Call it distribution, sharing, radical ideologies, or conservative concepts — politics surrounds us.

There are topics that we're supposed to avoid in civilized social circles, right? Isn't that what They say? "Avoid discussions of politics and religion." Hmm... these things need to be flushed out and fleshed out to both broaden and refine our experiences as martial artists and as human beings. Don't you think?

Great. Me too.

See: there's a buttload of political issues that point to heroes and villains. Take for example...

They're stories offer us insights into many martial and healing arts issues: how to stand up for yourself with both kindness and to not-act like a greedy fool or a belligerent to act with fearlessness (while feeling afraid).

No doubt, you've noticed my allegiance by now. My passion of following politics is biased...and, I think, it veers toward Taiji principles. I like individuals of most political persuasions and I end up cheering on kind radicals, realistic liberals, tender conservatives, and Anarchists.

  • Taiji is, after all, a liberating art.

When we free ourselves from excess tension, drop the heavy ego, and admit that we're tender and eccentric and eccentric and eccentric, then we're pretty darned radical in a very personal ways.

It's time to seek some balance in this cattywampus world. Get ready to well-up and shed some tears with me while watching this eccentric, heroic poet: Anis Mojgani...

Shake the Dust

Now go practice Taiji.

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